Who we are as a community

We work closely with a lot of local communities & our 90 % of workforce comprises of women.

At Less, we partner with the best farmers to source only the finest hemp. Our vision is to grow, share & curate the best quality hemp products. We work closely with local communities to help grow with people than in profits. Our aim is to empower our farmers and should be growing for industries.

For a country that has been struggling with unemployment, water crisis and farmer suicides owing to poor yields, Hemp could be an absolute solution. The fact that shocks most of us is that though this crop is grown naturally in over 60% of our country but still India’s contribution to the global Hemp market is currently less than 1%.

With enough cultivation, our main aim is to eradicate malnutrition in India, by providing enough hemp nutrients to every child in their daily meals. After all no one should ever die of hunger, the planet has enough for everyone to more than survive. What makes us passionate about hemp its zero waste properties that encourages us to keep our entire production plastic free.

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