LESS Combining Culture, Nature & Science For an Improve Lifestyle

Hemp, scientifically named Cannabis Sativa, and one of the five secretive plants mentioned in our Vedas, is a boon to humankind. This incredible plant has endless uses and benefits. Our nation’s sacred plant that  has been underestimated with a strong stigma because of its unknown properties is now back to heal the markets. Hemp is used in medicine, textiles since it’s more durable with better insulation than cotton and paper. The oil extracted from the seeds is a superfood that is high in nutritional value. LESS has devised a solution by providing a ready-to-eat range rather than wonder how to use the raw materials. The leaf extracts act as a painkiller, muscle relaxant, mood enhancer, and the flower works on a deeper cure for many health conditions. Uttarakhand became the first to cultivate industrial hemp in July 2018, which is legal in India. Since then LESS is working on nutritional products.

LESS believes it is the community that comes together, that makes LESS more alive & successful, as they measure success with the number of lives that are better due to the benefits & circularity, this zero-waste crop provides  

LESS, India’s first company to develop a multi-purpose wellness and spa product range is making its products from this miracle plant and helping users to utilize its benefit. They believe in the Planet and scouting operations ensure the best quality with no compromise, making them available for all. LESS priorities recycled products and opts for biodegradable solutions; its unique packaging is plastic free and made from recycled paper and glass materials. As per regulations of India, it’s allowed to use seeds, stems, leaves and stock, a plant with endless uses and benefits that comprises enormous opportunities for industries like ­ food, cosmetics, wellness, garments, and medicine. It’s already growing by a 100 percent growth rate compared to the previous years. They integrate moral principles into every stage of the creation of their products. They don’t take anything for granted and always provide the highest quality for their customers, from sourcing raw materials to delivering their products. “Significant factors driving the market’s growth are people today, are more mindful and interested in the specifics of what they consume on day to day basis. Attempting to satisfy every client’s expectation, we make fresh batches every month to ensure top-grade quality throughout, and even develop a relationship with customers to help them live better lives”, says Shibani Shetty, Founder. In its operations, the company makes use of cutting-edge technology and progressive techniques. It works on six major categories: nutrition, skincare, eco-fashion, wellness& spa, medical cannabis, and breathable homes. The Company’s trademarked product is the multipurpose melt and massage candles, used as a moisturiser, solid perfume, massage oil, and aromatherapy. Always a sell-out during festive seasons for weddings & corporate gifting and are suited to all age groups.

In 2019, the company debuted its Lessentials skincare line. Made of 100 percent natural ingredients, hand poured in small batches, including body bars, face scrubs, creams, serums, and more. Not only did the packaging catch people’s eye, but also the cost of choosing quality ingredients inside the bottles. The skincare range was quickly getting traction and started doing pop-ups and placing in stores like go native across Bangalore. Goa, their second home, was also added, a place that hosts the brand in multiple locations, markets, and seasons year after year, only helping them grow with their savvy locals, conscious travellers and new age company’s future roadmap is to attract more hotels and resorts to improve their wellness centre by giving their customers a real experience that is more than just a service. They are working closely with Indian doctors and medical institutes to understand the depth of every patient’s needs from plant medicine. Additionally, they collaborate with people in Thailand and Canada for research and development, Australia and Bali for nutrition, the Netherlands and Denmark for skincare, and Italy for fabrics.

Source: theindustryoutlook

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