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3102 BCE is a designer boutique resort in north Goa that has to be experienced and not merely seen.

Thoughtfully designed after a lot of research on our pre-historic past, it provides a glimpse of ancient Vedic civilizations that have long been shrouded in myth and legend.

Ayur in Sanskrit means ‘life’ (or) ‘vital power’. We have carefully aligned elements to enhance life with life.

You will find an intuitive mix of science and human awareness, with the help of Roman origin, Amazonian rituals and Vedic healings that defines a service which is crafted around the individual.

Our union brings forth rejuvinating experiences that will relax your body and revive your senses.

The services offer healing through multiple means such as aromatherapy, audiotherapy and massages in unison.

The aromas assigned for each service are selected specifically to enhance a certain mood.

The frequencies of audio selected will resonate with the natural healing frequencies of your cells.

The hemp oil used will be absorbed by your pores and nourish your skin. We are proud to say that our union makes us the FIRST ALL HEMP SPA in Asia.

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