This project with Araku coffee is sure accentuate your coffee senses while offering your body the best healing experience, capitalising on the benefits of both hemp and coffee. Coffee has been used in skincare products through generations and has been known to reduce cellulites, its anti-aging properties, Vitamin B-3 for fighting skin cancer, acne and dark circle treatment. Hemp oil’s characteristic to be absorbed directly by the pores merged with the benefits offered by coffee makes our products ideal for your skincare routine.
Araku coffee has been created by the coming together of international experts and the farmers of Araku valley. This is a pure Arabica coffee roasted under the supervision of their coffee experts, Hippolyte Courty. Backed by continuous research and development on the cultivation of coffee plants, micro climate withn the plantation and nutrient uptake by the plants, Araku valley produces some of the best quality of 100% organic coffee whose journey from the coffee plant to your cup is guranteed to bypass the middle men.
This collaboration offers our customers an exciting range of skincare products that incude coffee body bars (cappuccino and espresso), exfoliating coffee scrubs and nourishing lip salve. In addition to this, Araku’s in house chef puts together a variety of pallet stimulating and extremely appetizing dishes infused with hemp. Our union marks the begining of a journey that is sure to bring to you many more exciting products in the near future.

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