ARAKU is India’s first coffee to shape the complete seed-to-cup journey with flagships in Paris and Bangalore. It’s the first terroir-mapped coffee to also champion the world’s largest certified organic plantation in the Eastern Ghats of India. Araku, in Andhra Pradesh, has proven to be excellent highlands for growing 100% Arabica coffee.
Supported by Naandi Foundation, it’s the first fair-trade certified homegrown coffee to bypass any middlemen, and put forward an equitable system in the form of Arakunomics – a model endorsed by The Rockefeller Foundation’s ‘Food System Vision 2050 Prize’. In 2018, the World Economic Forum shared our journey, describing “how indigenous Indian farmers are fighting deforestation with gourmet coffee.”
Grown with an emphasis on regenerative agriculture, ARAKU Coffee is nurtured in micro plots and selectively harvested to fully express the richness of its unique character. In 2018 it also became the first specialty coffee from India to receive international acclaim receiving Epicure D’or at Prix Épicures De L’Épicerie Fine Awards, in France. It has scored as high as 90 (out of 100) by independent, professional cuppers associated with the renowned Specialty Coffee Association – marking another first for Indian coffee.

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