Sustain with less

Less was born with sustainability in it’s DNA. When we started we wanted to concentrate all our efforts into ensuring it served a purpose. We are influenced by the layers in nature and are committed to our planet and its people.


We take conscious & mindful decisions at every step in our production process by considering our environmental footprint. We also believe in working closely with animal conservations to treat all living things and their habitats in nature with respect. The future relies on the people who create, the farmers who grow & the consumers who choose.


We are working toward a block chain technology to ensure 100% transparency in our circular process at all times. As manufactures we take care of our supply chains, business practices, the impacts on workers, improving & sustaining communities and the environment. As consumers, it’s very important for you to understand where your products come from, who makes it & what it is made of.

Sustainable Development Goals (SGD's)


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