Anti-Tan Face Mask

Anti-Tan Face Mask

Bright & Light

Leave on Bright & Light dry Mask.
This face mask is enriched full of botanical extracts that calms and reduces inflammation and heals sun damage on your face.It also reduces any dark spots and blemishes while leaving it spotfree and even toned! The natural hemp powder revitalises and moisturises deep into your skin, leaving it plump and clear.
Key Ingredients
Hemp powder, Potato powder, Orange peel powder, Tomato powder, Curd powder, Aloe Vera, French green clay, Kaolin clay, Essential oillavender
How to Use
Take a almond size amount of powder and mix with warmwater until it becomes a thick paste. Apply all over the face avoiding the eye area and leave until completely dry. Wash off with lukewarm water and reveal your lightskin.


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