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More with 3102BCE
A Wellness Project (Ayur)

More with 3102BCE
A Wellness Project (Ayur)

3102 BCE is a designer boutique resort in north Goa that has to be experienced and not merely seen.

Thoughtfully designed after a lot of research on our pre-historic past, it provides a glimpse of ancient Vedic civilizations that have long been shrouded in myth and legend.

Ayur in Sanskrit means ‘life’ (or) ‘vital power’. We have carefully aligned elements to enhance life with life.

You will find an intuitive mix of science and human awareness, with the help of Roman origin, Amazonian rituals and Vedic healings that defines a service which is crafted around the individual.

Our union brings forth rejuvinating experiences that will relax your body and revive your senses.

The services offer healing through multiple means such as aromatherapy, audiotherapy and massages in unison.

The aromas assigned for each service are selected specifically to enhance a certain mood.

The frequencies of audio selected will resonate with the natural healing frequencies of your cells.

The hemp oil used will be absorbed by your pores and nourish your skin. We are proud to say that our union makes us the FIRST ALL HEMP SPA in Asia.

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More with Plattered

More with Plattered

Maria is an avid baker who’s been baking since she turned 10. She trained at Le Cordon Bleu, Paris and then moved to London to understand the intricacies of the business before she created Plattered. They offer some of the best and simplest DIY ready mixes which are sure to send your taste buds on an ecstatic journey.
Our project offers you two delicious and easy to make DIY mixes of hemp chocolate brownies and hemp cookies. We ensure the highest grade of ingredients like hemp flour, premium cocoa, pure chocolate, no artificial colours and zero preservatives. Owing to extensive traials and testing, we’ve mastered the proportion of ingredients that will surely give you the ulimate BROOKIE experience. The mix is quick to prepare, flexible to modify and will satisfy your munchies or take it up two notches 😉
We gurantee the best quality product as well as best working conditions of the hands that made them. We are proud to confirm that all our products are handmade in India by an all women team.
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This project with Araku coffee is sure accentuate your coffee senses while offering your body the best healing experience, capitalising on the benefits of both hemp and coffee. Coffee has been used in skincare products through generations and has been known to reduce cellulites, its anti-aging properties, Vitamin B-3 for fighting skin cancer, acne and dark circle treatment. Hemp oil’s characteristic to be absorbed directly by the pores merged with the benefits offered by coffee makes our products ideal for your skincare routine.
Araku coffee has been created by the coming together of international experts and the farmers of Araku valley. This is a pure Arabica coffee roasted under the supervision of their coffee experts, Hippolyte Courty. Backed by continuous research and development on the cultivation of coffee plants, micro climate withn the plantation and nutrient uptake by the plants, Araku valley produces some of the best quality of 100% organic coffee whose journey from the coffee plant to your cup is guranteed to bypass the middle men.
This collaboration offers our customers an exciting range of skincare products that incude coffee body bars (cappuccino and espresso), exfoliating coffee scrubs and nourishing lip salve. In addition to this, Araku’s in house chef puts together a variety of pallet stimulating and extremely appetizing dishes infused with hemp. Our union marks the begining of a journey that is sure to bring to you many more exciting products in the near future.
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Sustain with less

Less was born with sustainability in its roots. Our work at Less is influenced by the layers in nature and is committed to acting towards our main purpose, being the betterment of our planet and its occupants.


We make conscious and mindful decisions pertaining to our environmental footprint at every step of our production process. We work closely with animal conservation activists as we believe in treating all living beings equally and respect each one’s natural habitat. Our future lies in the hands of the people who create, the farmers who grow and the consumers who choose.


We are working towards block chain technology that ensures 100% transparency in our circular work process at all times. As manufacturers we make sure to take care of our supply chains, business practices, impact on staff and their surrounding, improving and sustaining communities in parallel to the environment. As consumers, we’d like to show where your products come from, the hands that make it and what goes in it.

Sustainable Development Goals (SGD's)


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Skincare & Wellness

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Our moral fiber

Our moral fiber

Hemp, the supercrop.
Ever wondered if there was a plant with thousands of uses? Well, the answer is yes! Hemp is not only useful to us but is also helpful to the land it’s grown on. Hemp returns back 60-70% of the nutrients it takes from the soil and thanks to its natural heartiness, it requires no chemical pesticides or fertilizers for its cultivation thereby making it a safe supercrop. Hemp requires a relatively small area of land for its cultivation making it beneficial for the farmers.
Hemp fabric is made from long strands of fiber derived from the stalk of the plant. These fibres are separated from the bark through a process called ‘retting’. The fibres are then spun together to produce a continuous yarn that can be woven into a fine fabric which gets used alone or is blended with other fibres. Once spun into a yarn, hemp can be blended with other natural fibres of choice making its characteristics more personalized. Hemp fibre is also stronger and lasts longer than cotton. It softens with use and yet remains resilient. Hemp’s strength and durability makes the fibres retain their shape well. Hemp is also very breathable and promotes thermoregulation thereby keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.
At Less we hand-pick the best quality hemp fabric that embodies luxury, elegance and is designed for a perfect fit. We share our values with you through our clothes. We are committed to produce fully conscious and responsible collections utilizing cutting edge technologies that incorporate circularity.
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Making of the products

Making of our products

Being mindful about the ingredients of what we eat, wear and live in, is what matters

We at Less, fully incorporate ethical practices in the manufacture of our products at every step. From the sourcing of our raw material to the crafting of our blends to the distribution of our products, we take nothing for granted and ensure the best quality for our customers. Our products target the use of the majority of the hemp plant and we make sure all raw materials blended in are 100% natural.
Our fibre for clothing is sourced from parts of India, Nepal and Yunan and is hand picked by our experts to ensure its quality. Some of our fabric production units are run solely on solar power and ensure the least wastage of water. our designs intertwine the latest fashion trends and are flexible with both formal and casual occasions. Our tailors carefully bring to life these designs with no compromise in quality leaving us with this elegant, comfortable and circular range of clothing.
Our nutrition line of products are derived from the seeds of the hemp plant. Besides being a low maintenance crop to cultivate, the fruits of the hemp plant(seeds) are some of the most nutritional natural superfoods out there. Hemp seeds are particularly rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, high in protein, fibre, vitamin E, Vitamin B12, etc. Our seeds are sourced from north east India and its processing is 100% natural.

The seeds are cold pressed in small batches to extract the oils that can be used as garnishing or as a base in other products. The remaining seed cake after oil extraction is finely ground down and becomes hemp flour. Some Hemp seeds are passed through a huller and the resulting product is known as hemp hearts. Besides this we also have a DIY chocolate brownie mix that’s both fun to make and nutritious to eat.
Our skincare range of products uses all natural ingredients whose blend is crafted to perfection by our experts keeping in mind that hemp oil is one of the few oils to be directly absorbed by our pores. Our entire Lessentials range is handmade and hand poured in small batches under expert supervision to ensure the finest quality.

Our face products are made for all skin types and will keep your skin fully nourished. Our body products use different natural butters and clays that keep your skin smooth, soft and moisturized. The hair products are formulated to promote growth, keep your hair roots strong and give you shiny, thick hair. we ensure that none of our products have been tested on any animals.