Sustain with less

Sustain with less


Less was born with sustainability in its roots. Our work at Less is influenced by the layers in nature and is committed to acting towards our main purpose, being the betterment of our planet and its occupants.


We make conscious and mindful decisions pertaining to our environmental footprint at every step of our production process. We work closely with animal conservation activists as we believe in treating all living beings equally and respect each one’s natural habitat. Our future lies in the hands of the people who create, the farmers who grow and the consumers who choose.


We are working towards block chain technology that ensures 100% transparency in our circular work process at all times. As manufacturers we make sure to take care of our supply chains, business practices, impact on staff and their surrounding, improving and sustaining communities in parallel to the environment. As consumers, we’d like to show where your products come from, the hands that make it and what goes in it.

Sustainable Development Goals (SGD's)

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