Making Of Our Products

MAKING OF OUR PRODUCTS We at Less, fully incorporate ethical practices in the manufacture of our products at every step. From the sourcing of our raw material to the crafting of our blends to the distribution of our products, we take nothing for granted and ensure the best quality for our customers. Our products target the use of the majority of the hemp plant and we make sure all raw materials blended in are 100% natural. Our fibre for clothing is sourced …

Our Moral Fiber

Hemp, the supercrop. Ever wondered if there was a plant with thousands of uses? Well, the answer is yes! Hemp is not only useful to us but is also helpful to the land it’s grown on. Hemp returns back 60-70% of the nutrients it takes from the soil and thanks to its natural heartiness, it requires no chemical pesticides or fertilizers for its cultivation thereby making it a safe supercrop. Hemp requires a relatively small area of land for its cultivation …

Heal With Hemp

HEAL WITH HEMP Hemp has been used in the treatment of a variety of ailments pertaining to the internal and external human body for hundreds of years.This supercrop can play key roles in the uplifting and wellbeing of the mind and body when used correctly.Owing to advanced research facilities, vast clinical trials and infusion of knowledge passed on from our ancestors, here are just some of the endless health benefits that accompany the incorporation of hemp in our everyday lives. HEAL YOUR …

Sustain with less

SUSTAIN WITH LESS Less was born with sustainability in its roots. Our work at Less is influenced by the layers in nature and is committed to acting towards our main purpose, being the betterment of our planet and its occupants. RESPONSIBILITY We make conscious and mindful decisions pertaining to our environmental footprint at every step of our production process. We work closely with animal conservation activists as we believe in treating all living beings equally and respect each one’s natural habitat. Our …

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