Making Of Our Products

Making Of Our Products


We at Less, fully incorporate ethical practices in the manufacture of our products at every step. From the sourcing of our raw material to the crafting of our blends to the distribution of our products, we take nothing for granted and ensure the best quality for our customers. Our products target the use of the majority of the hemp plant and we make sure all raw materials blended in are 100% natural.

Our fibre for clothing is sourced from parts of India, Nepal and Yunan and is hand picked by our experts to ensure its quality. Some of our fabric production units are run solely on solar power and ensure the least wastage of water. our designs intertwine the latest fashion trends and are flexible with both formal and casual occasions. Our tailors carefully bring to life these designs with no compromise in quality leaving us with this elegant, comfortable and circular range of clothing.

Our nutrition line of products are derived from the seeds of the hemp plant. Besides being a low maintenance crop to cultivate, the fruits of the hemp plant(seeds) are some of the most nutritional natural superfoods out there. Hemp seeds are particularly rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, high in protein, fibre, vitamin E, Vitamin B12, etc. Our seeds are sourced from north east India and its processing is 100% natural.

The seeds are cold pressed in small batches to extract the oils that can be used as garnishing or as a base in other products. The remaining seed cake after oil extraction is finely ground down and becomes hemp flour. Some Hemp seeds are passed through a huller and the resulting product is known as hemp hearts. Besides this we also have a DIY chocolate brownie mix that’s both fun to make and nutritious to eat.

Our skincare range of products uses all natural ingredients whose blend is crafted to perfection by our experts keeping in mind that hemp oil is one of the few oils to be directly absorbed by our pores. Our entire Lessentials range is handmade and hand poured in small batches under expert supervision to ensure the finest quality.

Our face products are made for all skin types and will keep your skin fully nourished. Our body products use different natural butters and clays that keep your skin smooth, soft and moisturized. The hair products are formulated to promote growth, keep your hair roots strong and give you shiny, thick hair. we ensure that none of our products have been tested on any animals.




No animal testing

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