Our moral fiber

We call it the wonder crop.

Ever wondered if there could be just one plant that had over 25000 uses?Thanks to its natural heartiness, hemp doesn’t require any chemical pesticides or fertilisers, thereby making it safer for both farmers as well as the land it’s grown on. Amazingly it also returns 6070% of the nutrients it takes from the soil. Hemp also requires a relatively small amount of land to cultivate.

Hemp fabric is made from the long strands of fibre that make up the stalk of the plant. These fibres are separated from the bark through a process called ‘retting’. The fibres are then spun together to produce a continuous thread that can be woven into a fine fabric which gets used alone or blended with other fibres. Once spun into a yarn, hemp can be blended with other natural fibres of choice. Hemp has some wonderful properties too. It’s stronger and more lasting than cotton; it softens with use and yet, remains hard-wearing. Hemp’s strength and durability means the fibres tend to keep their shape well. Hemp is also very breathable. It regulates your temperature, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

At Less, we bring the best quality hemp fabric that embodies luxury and elegance designed for a perfect fit. We share our values with you through our clothes. We are committed to produce only conscious & responsible collections utilising cutting edge technologies with circularity.

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